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Three quick-fire pointers on easing yourself back into gym-life, and the garments we’ll be wearing before, during, and after workout.

For anyone choosing to go back to the gym, it’s a big moment. Exercise and routine is huge for our physical and mental wellbeing, and staying fit and healthy has never been so important. For all the outdoor and at home activities and training we’ve become accustomed to, for some there’s simply nothing that stacks up against the gym and the community of people there.

Take it slow: as much as you want to get back into your normal routine, try to work at around 30-40% speed, weight, time and intensity of what you were used to pre-lockdown. Building physical health is a process and journey. There are no quick wins. Enjoy getting back into it, and know you will get to where you want to be.

Cool and comfortable single-jersey t-shirts, shorts and vests across les girls, and les boys, are our preferred choice for work-out apparel. Check them out here. While swimsuits are a no-brainer alternative to workout bras, especially in this heat… Try this track swimsuit in a range of colours, as well as the track bikini.

Stay comfortable: opt for cool, breathable gym apparel that you can travel light with and are happy to travel to the gym in. Don’t spend anymore time that you need to in the gym by taking unnecessary items (or selfies).

Our oversized fit hoodie is a winner for throwing on top of gymwear, and relaxing in post-workout. And we can’t get enough of these loopback shorts in our signature stormy sea colour.

Honour your rest days: the gyms are open, yes, but this doesn’t mean we should be there everyday. Mix gym sessions with lighter at-home sessions as we ease into a COVID-safe way of working out in shared spaces, and always honour your rest days to recover your body after training.

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