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Bed to street, and everything in between. About the concept that started les girls les boys.

les girls les boys started with a simple concept: bed to street. It’s inspired by the way we live, work, function, and connect. We watched new and ever-changing dynamics, and we listened to the rhythms and beats of today.

We choose to make clothes for this new world, and the new people and behaviours within it. Doing away with exhausting role-specific outfitting, our clothes are designed to go from bed to street, and everything in between: dancing, sleeping, working, hanging out, gym-going, lounging, park-life slouching, meetups, beach wandering… Feeling inspired while wearing them and by wearing them. The versatile comforts for the revolving backdrops of our days and nights with each other.

It’s a change of mindset. It’s an undoing of where and what garments should be for, bringing the small, intimate luxuries of our lives to the fore, whilst mindfully reworking our wardrobes to last.

Blurring boundaries

We’re building wardrobe choices that are interchangeable with the activities you do on any given day. From a pyjama shirt with jeans in the morning, to tracksuit for the gym midday, paired with boots instead of trainers as you leave later in the afternoon.

It’s a high investment approach, with a relatively low cost over time. Why purchase next-level quality swimwear, and only wear it a handful of times each year? Wear it as a body, as a crop top under a lightweight t-shirt, or for a printed strap on show.

No garment is kept to one category. You can blur your own categories. You can be anything, anytime and anywhere.

Modern intimates

Our modern intimates are small pieces of everyday luxury. We push back against over-sexualised and feminised intimates that conform to outdated aesthetics and values. You’ll find obvious gender pieces, but they exist for anyone who chooses to wear them, alongside more inherently transferable soft, versatile, supportive, and subtle pieces. We opt for new neutrals that spell out the shifts in identities and purpose, such as charcoal, animal print, paradise green, and impatient pink.

Our fabrics are designed to work with the body – how you choose to move, bend, and cast shapes – instead of against it.

This isn’t underwear. It’s wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve modern intimates.


Our collections are a revolving turntable of people and clothes and layers.

Almost mechanical-like in our approach, each piece can be engineered in whichever way to express the individuality of its wearer. Sweat sets that clash, patterns that play, and inside-out styling.

Our approach to layering is underpinned by comfort and sharing. Celebrating the sweet connections of shared garments with friends, family, and lovers, we increase our investment in one another and extend the life-cycle of garments.


At the centre of bed to street is comfort and durability, paired with self assured individuality.

We’re stripping sexuality to its essence, bringing it back to its boundaryless fluidity and unprejudiced appeal.

Our framework for apparel lends new freedoms that counterbalance pressures to be a certain way, or to fit into a certain ideal.

You are good enough, just as you are.

Les Girls Les Boys

Les Girls Les Boys

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