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“Fashion should encourage free-thinking”

Have you ever woken up on a Monday morning in a rush because you repeatedly and malevolently snoozed your alarm? Have you ever then had the time to put on the most intricate and complicated items of lingerie in your cupboard? Us neither – Les Girls Les Boys encourages you to come as you are, unbound by societal norms, unconstrained and effortlessly you, from bed to street, literally. Often fashion can seem limited in reflecting people’s personalities and needs; here we understand that people need to feel good, however they choose to express themselves and not feel defined by society in a certain way. Swapping complicated pieces for comfort, in the form of printed sheer underwire bralettes, unisex boxer shorts, printed logo t-shirts, cotton genderless pyjama sets or track swimsuits and towelling hoodies. And why not pair a pyjama top with a pair of jeans or bottoms with a sheer body on top or even one of the Les Girls Les Boys swimsuits underneath. Offering complete freedom in how you dress from the moment you get out of bed to the moment you get back in, Les Girls Les Boys are completely natural as they source the best fabrics that are kind to our planet as well as friendly to our skin. Without alienating anyone, a range of sizes are on offer in various fabrics and colours. Though the thought of going from ‘bed to street’ may seem odd for some, for us, there seems to be no easier way of dressing. Take for example our classic les girls les boys pyjama bottoms available in wild animal print or forest green or slate grey; they aren’t restricted to sleeping in and can be paired with just about anything with a pair of trainers and a jacket. Or, if in doubt, pair it with the matching pyjama top and go for a full LGLB ensemble. Made from the finest quality, another piece is the super soft seamfree body lingerie that gently balances comfort while complimenting Les Girls Les Boys streetwear for a perfect combination of a bed to street look. Items for the seamfree range use a seamless knitting technique, providing better stretch and comfort whilst reducing fabric/thread waste during the production phase. On the other hand, our streetwear offers effortlessly cool and inclusive pieces such as our peachy keen hoodie, designed for sharing, for all shapes and sizes featuring a cosy brushed back cotton jersey lining which adds that extra warmth and soft touch on your skin. Or perhaps the leopard cub long sleeve t-shirt that was created from our collaboration with Ellen Fedors and has almost become a mascot for the brand. Fashion should encourage free-thinking, the idea of ‘bed to street’ offers just that, whilst empowering and removing societal preconceptions of how we should dress and feel from the sheets to the streets. There is a real need for an open-minded and diverse conversation around lingerie and the fabrics we put against or bodies and Les Girls Les Boys is owning it by putting the cool back into sexy. Words by Pali Castle

Les Girls Les Boys

Les Girls Les Boys

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