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Feel-good tracks chosen by DJ Honey Dijon for the les girls les boys happier times T-shirt, in support of UK Youth.

In aid of the les girls les boys happier times T-shirt, raising much needed crisis funds for charity UK Youth, the iconic DJ and trans-rights advocate Honey Dijon has hand-picked a selection of tracks to lift your mood and evoke happier times ahead. Honey Dijon has a special place in our hearts. Being who you are, and being comfortable in your own skin, is what we value the most, and Honey embodies that more than anyone or anything. Chicago born and bred, she plays and produces her unique style of underground electronic music around the world (back when we all could travel). Her sets are known for their strong programming, passion and integrity, flowing between house or techno with a warm, hypnotic feel. She’s a key voice in the transgender rights movement, and a beloved fashion icon for many. Scroll down to read our Q&A with Honey, and find her on Instagram: @honeydijon

UK Youth charity has been chosen by Seana Redmond, the artist behind the original happier times poster (find out more here). Founded over 100 years ago, UK Youth’s mission is to ensure all young people aged 9-25 are equipped to thrive and empowered to contribute at every stage of their lives. For millions of disadvantaged and vulnerable young people across the UK, covid-19 has made life even harder. Young people are now at increased risk of being abused and exploited, suffering from loneliness, unable to be at their safe spaces, such as schools, and youth organisations are facing permanent closure. Every donation to UK Youth counts. To support them, purchase our happier times T-shirt or donate to UK Youth direct.

“Music should bring light into your life during this time of political unrest and the current pandemic. We need light more than ever.”

Tell us about your inspiration for the playlist.

The inspiration for this playlist was music that has brought me joy throughout my life. Music should bring light into your life during this time of political unrest and the current pandemic. We need light more than ever.

What kind of things were you thinking about when you were putting it together? I was thinking of special moments. Of spending time with friends in the upcoming summer months as restrictions slowly ease for us to gather together again.

What does lockdown look like for you?

Lockdown for me has been a time of self reflection and rest. As an artist it’s very difficult to take time off with so many obligations, but this has shown me that rest is important to have clarity about what matters most in life.

Where are you in the world, how are you spending your days, what are you thinking about?

I am in Berlin. Germany has handled the pandemic very well so I’m grateful to be here. I’m working out six days a week, three days of yoga and meditation and the other three HIT training. I am taking care of both mind and body as well as I can.

Which song from the playlist is your favourite, and why?

Promise Land by Joe Smooth is one of my favourite selections from this playlist because I feel like the lyrics are even more profound and inspiring during this crazy moment in time.

What’s your idea of happier times?

Health, family, friends, and creative abundance. The happier times T-Shirt costs £45, with 100% of profits going to UK Youth’s crisis appeal.

Want to find out more about happier times? Read our interview with the artist behind the artwork, Seana Redmond.

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