les playlist – volume five

The fifth instalment of les playlist, compiled by Sebastian Downing from the les girls les boys PR team.

Outside of work, Sebastian styles friends as-and-when they want him, turning up to events with them to stand awkwardly. He also works for a homeless charity, The 2020 Initiative, and takes part in a fitness program called Strong.gens that allows refugees a chance to workout for free every Saturday at Battersea Racetrack.

Find him on Instagram: @sebfromlondon

“Can not stress how much you need Led Zeppelin during a crisis like this.”

Tell us about your playlist and your inspiration behind it? These song choices are all based on what I’ve been listening to now, somewhat based on my different moods throughout the day. My ex came over the other night and we sat listening to Kikuchi, which is essentially 80’s Japanese vaporwave, and it seemed to take the tension off – go with that if you want a generally happy mood. From Zeppelin, The Beatles and Smokey Robinson, you’ll spend most of your time wondering who managed to break into their hearts and eventually your own. It’s super wild music to work to. Can not stress how much you need Led Zeppelin during a crisis like this. Lil Uzi Vert and Baby Keem are peak go-me music. The lyrics make me laugh 90% of the time I listen to them. Also, listening to Venita is a highlight of my day.

What do you do at les girls les boys? My job role is PR and Marketing Officer. What that means to me is that I’m happy. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to work myself out, and now working for a company that holds the same values of inclusivity, and giving people the space to just be, is honestly super wonderful. It’s a blessing to say I look forward to work each morning. Give or take post morning coffees.

Which song from the playlist is your favourite? Lil Uzi Vert – Venetia. He’s 5’4 and rapping about being happy. I’m not sure how else to explain why I love it so much.

What’s your favourite garment, right now, from les girls les boys? The black fine rib henley. Mainly because it is semi sheer and it feels so wonderful on my body. It works super well as an undergarment, and even more so as a long sleeve T-shirt. If I want, I can just wear it with some of our black woven cotton boxers during summer. It’s basically an overall cute piece that works at all times.

What’s your top work-from-home-and-stay-sane tip? Drink more water. Want more playlists? Check out iconic DJ and trans rights activist Honey Dijon’s playlist, supporting our happier times fundraiser for UK Youth.


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