les playlist – volume one

Our debut les playlist, compiled by Eloise Hanikene from the les girls les boys design team.

Eloise’s love of surfing sparked her interest in swimwear and drew her to the les girls les boys aesthetic. Her taste in music and personal style formed from days on the beach with friends, band T-shirts, swimwear, and easy layering pieces.

Find her on Instagram: @eloisehanikene

“We can’t get to the beach right now, but this music is getting me through with memories of summer, and I hope it makes you feel the same.”

Tell us about your playlist and your inspiration behind it?

My playlist features all the favourite tracks of mine and my friends that we’d listen to after a long day surfing and hanging out in the water. Classic skate and surf bands, such as Dehd and FIDLAR, make the perfect soundtrack for a perfect evening of beers, cooking fresh fish, and being together around a campfire. We can’t get to the beach right now, but this music is getting me through with memories of summer, and I hope it makes you feel the same.

What do you do at les girls les boys?

I’m a Junior Designer at Les Girls Les Boys. Along with the design team, I research and develop ideas for our collections. I draw inspiration from a wide variety of sources. It can be anything from fine art, to rave posters, and street style. I’m super inspired by the casual way that surfers and skaters dress, layering classic street pieces and girls and guys sharing items.

Which song from the playlist is your favourite?

FIDLAR are one of my favourite bands of all time. They have great energy, and I really recommend going to one of their shows (when we are no longer social distancing). They always remind me of my little brother Sam. We listen to their music in the car together on roadtrips, and we had a great time seeing them in London last year.

What’s your favourite garment, right now, from les girls les boys?

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with green, so the new Paradise Green sweats and seamless collections that have just dropped are so on my radar. I’m wearing my seamless green body (pictured below) layered with a black long-sleeve (it’s not summer just yet…) with the green loose fit sweatpants. It’s a perfect work-from-home outfit, ready to move into the park when the time comes.

What’s your top work-from-home-and-stay-sane tip?

Put together an outfit to make you feel good everyday. I’ve been living in our seamless collection layered with t-shirts and joggers this week. Also, if you can, take some time to exercise each day. Whether that’s a run in the park or an online yoga class in your bedroom. It’s good to release energy.

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