les playlist – volume two

The second instalment of les playlist, compiled by Izzy Wild from the les girls les boys design team.

For Izzy, les girls les boys’ combination and fluidity of intimates, bed, and street is exactly what contemporary style is all about. She’s inspired by the freedom within fashion to juxtapose and merge eras and styles to create new visions.

Find her on Instagram: @isabelwildchild

“I find it helpful to take a step back, literally, and create a bubble of good energy around me using nostalgic music.”

Tell us about your playlist and your inspiration behind it?

I’ve chosen these ‘quarantunes’ because of the nostalgic buzz I feel when hearing them. All are from the 90’s or 00’s – times, for my generation, where life was carefree and pure. The pressures are really on at the moment for everyone. I find it helpful to stake a step back, literally, and create a bubble of good energy around me using nostalgic music.

What do you do at les girls les boys?

I’m part of the design team. My job is very hands-on. I started out as an amateur on photoshop and illustrator, and am now designing prints and graphics for the coming collections. I design over all areas from sleep wear, streetwear, swim, and so on. No day is the same because the product range is so broad.

Which song from the playlist is your favourite?

It has to be Goapelle, Closer. It’s from a dance film called Honey, made in 2003, that has an iconic soundtrack. When I was younger I was obsessed with this film (I was a dancer myself) and still to this day it transports me back to that exact time I could dream of being whatever I wanted. Besides all this, for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, the song is just feel good and positive

What’s your favourite garment, right now, from les girls les boys?

Mine is the seamfree rib set in white. The fabric is quite heavy duty, which makes it super supportive. The cute little zip on the bralet makes it feel like sportswear, making it sit somewhere between underwear and activewear, which is my favourite thing! I wear them as a layering piece. It’s versatile and summery. My top styling tip: it looks cute with the semi-sheer seamfree pieces. The fabrics and colours compliment each other well.

What’s your top work-from-home-and-stay-sane tip?

Get up and ready in the morning. Sit at your desk, sofa, or coffee table in the same way you would walk into the office, studio, or wherever you work. Once you feel like your professional self, your work ethic will adapt. I’ve even been having a few outfits changes a day, it helps break the repetition and freshens your perspective so you feel less stagnant.

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