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Celebrating our Made with Liberty Fabric garments, a floral-duo of 60s psychedelic and feminine cool.

We create a mood and a feeling when we approach each season. For SS2020 it was dusty, candied brights, and sun bleached amusement arcades with hand painted fairground rides, hot rods, and beach neons. Alongside the prints and colours we dreamed up with this in mind – paradise green, impatient pink, and stormy seas – we wanted to use a soft floral print alive with summer fun, that could carry itself alongside and work with our bed to street garments.

The iconic Liberty store in London has an enormous library of prints, old and new. Liberty champions its 145 year heritage, whilst unapologetically moulding a modern path for themselves in everything they do. Its fabrics and designs are relooked and reimagined season by season by recolouring, tweaking, and using them on different types of fabric. We’ve always admired them, so we decided to search its archives for our only outsourced prints of SS2020.

The Margaret Anne floral print stood out to us because of its psychedelic edge. It’s hand-drawn summer perennials now form part of Liberty’s Classic’s collection. Liberty reworked the original colouring with a soft yellow backdrop and pastel colours to reflect a free-love 60s style that we had to use for our swimwear. We paired them with an elasticated belt to give it an active, 80s dance feel (see our nod to A Chorus Line here).

The second print is a miniature floral named Pepper, which we’ve renamed ‘dizzy’, designed for Liberty Fabrics in 1974. It’s feminine but still cool, in a different and dizzying way to the larger psychedelic print. You’ll find it across our swimwear, bed and underwear. We’ve spun both of the typically ‘girly’ patterns with a girl and boy angle, playing with the dizziness of Pepper to sit fluidly across the gender spectrum, like in our breathable 100% lightweight woven cotton shorts.

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Les Girls Les Boys

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