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lazy days and hazy nights photographer Kate Bellm talks photography, summer, finding joy, making it as a creative, and her new book AMOR.

This summer, we asked Kate Bellm – one of our favourite photographers, based on our second-home of Mallorca – to capture the days and nights of July and August 2020. The year that managed to put us all on hold, but not the sun, beach, water, light, or deep dark nights.

Kate, who chose to make the Spanish island home, is known for her dreamy, psychedelic paradises of women swimming naked underwater, days full of light and friends, acid landscapes, bad-ass women, and a celebration of skate. We can’t get enough of her work.

A collection of over 10 years of her photography has been painstakingly curated for AMOR, a new photo book bursting with youthful freedom and sun-drenched

Here’s what she had to say…

What made you want to be a photographer?

It was just part of me… I was obsessively into it as a teenager and then I followed that path. I started with darkroom. It’s a space where you can get really creative and experimental with your hands.

How would you describe your photography style?

I am just trying to live a free and spontaneous life, and capture that with the people around me. Explain your shoot for us in three words. SWEATY. FUN. ADVENTURE.

How have you managed to find joy during the strangest summer on record?

Taking photographs, going underwater, and seeing friends and family.

What’s your all-time favourite summer or travel memory, the time or experience you hold onto when everything gets a bit too crazy?

Building a floating fire and swimming in the ocean with it at night with beloved friends is my favourite summer memory of all time.

Why did you decide to make Deià, Mallorca, home?

Moving here happened by accident as I only planned to stay for a few months… The community and beauty of the nature and ocean is incomparable.

What’s your favourite item from les girls les boys and why?

100% the beige terry towel playsuit.

What’s one of your most loved images from your new photography book, AMOR?

The cover image of my muse Marina on top of a DeLorean in a dusty car park in Portugal. This year has made it even more difficult for people to break through into creative careers.

What’s your advice to people trying to make it?

Creativity can happen in your bedroom. Make the most of feeling inspired by the people or things around you. Family and stillness are inspiration for the moment. All the girls and boys I have shot over the years have been my biggest help. They are whom you form a creative connection with to take your skills further.

How’s life changed for you in 2020? How are you coping with those changes?

I am finally not on a plane most of the month. I am really appreciating just being in one place focusing on projects in my studio with friends, and being more still.

Check out the entire lazy days and hazy night shoot here, and shop the looks here.

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