what we’re watching – volume four

Desperate for new stories to get lost in? Sebastian from our PR team lists what he’s been watching and recommending to stay-at-home friends.

One of the plus sides to staying at home is getting to catch up on great TV shows and epic films. We’ve been rewatching our all time favourites, getting recommendations from friends, and building our watch lists. To help you do the same, we’re listing what we’re watching right now, along with our all-time-favourites, inspired by les girls les boys.

Sebastian, recommends…

Old Boy (2013) – directed by Park Chan-wook

One of the best thrillers I’ve ever seen. It has massive plot turns and freaks you out enough that you should forget what a crisis is. This film is nothing but psychological moments. The way it’s been shot is incredible. I picked socks to match with this film because, in all honesty, if I was trapped in a room for an extended period of time I don’t think there would be anything worse than not having the ability to wear some cute socks to keep myself feeling slightly cosy (not to ruin the plot too much).

Dazed and Confused (1993) – directed by Richard Linklater

My favourite coming of age movie. I periodically force this down people’s throats whenever I’m in the mood to imagine myself as a 70’s teenager. It has Matthew McConaughey in his first major role playing an overage stoner – it’s really wonderful to see. I picked the fine rib henley to pair with this film because why would you want to be wearing anything else while living your 70’s dream?

Election (1999) – directed by Alexander Payne Super funny black comedy based on a book

I have never read. Features young Reese Witherspoon manipulating a whole school. It’s one of the best comedic depictions of what I imagine most election campaigns are like. I’m matching it with the forest green pyjamas because they fit wonderfully, and because Reese is a fashion icon in this film who would 100% approve of the matching set.

Sebastian is from the les girls les boys PR team. Outside of work, he styles friends as-and-when they want him, turning up to events with them to stand awkwardly. He also works for a homeless charity, The 2020 Initiative, and takes part in a fitness program called Strong. gens that allows refugees a chance to workout for free every Saturday at Battersea Racetrack.

Find him on Instagram: @sebfromlondon

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