what we’re watching – volume two

Desperate for new stories to get lost in? Eloise from our design team lists what she’s been watching and recommending to stay-at-home friends.

One of the plus sides to staying at home is getting to catch up on great TV shows and epic films. We’ve been rewatching our all time favourites, getting recommendations from friends, and building our watch lists. To help you do the same, we’re listing what we’re watching right now, along with our all-time-favourites, inspired by les girls les boys.

Eloise recommends…

Suspiria (1977) – directed by Dario Argento

Known for its intense colours, unsettling soundtrack, and bold aesthetic, Suspiria is an arty classic horror movie that will creep you out as much as it inspires you. Set in a German dance Academy with a dark secret, the mostly female-led cast spend their days dancing in the red-walled and mirrored ballet studio. Watch with a friend over Zoom, because it gets creepy. Replicate the the bright reds and geometric patterns of the Academy with our Love Note underwear set in red, and our black and white stripe boxers. Or maybe take a style note from the ballet dancers, and layer up our seamless pieces with some tights.

Dogtown and Z-Boys – directed by Stacy Peralta

A must-see documentary exploring the roots of California’s growing skate scene in the 1970ʼs. Featuring cult heroes such as Tony Hawk and Stacy Peralta, watch to dose up on your skate knowledge, as well as for gorgeous shots of 70ʼs California. If you donʼt care for skateboarding, stay for the style and amazing hairdos. I’m pairing this with our nylon pink shorts, tiger swimsuit, stormy sea hoody, and black and white classic socks.

Thelma & Louise – directed by Ridley Scott

The ultimate tale of two best friends getting into trouble. Firstly, I love this film for Thelma & Louiseʼs badass attitude. Second, for their style. Thirdly, for young Brad Pitt as a cowboy. A road trip might be out of the question right now, but we can all get a little bit of Thelma & Louise with some good outfits. Pair crop T-shirts, high-waist briefs, and classic tanks with denim for a heavy slice of Americana. Eloise Hanikene is from the les girls les boys design team. Her love of surfing sparked her interest in swimwear and drew her to the les girls les boys aesthetic. Her taste in music and personal style formed from days on the beach with friends, band T-shirts, swimwear, and easy layering pieces.

Find her on Instagram: @wytchking

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