why we choose organic

Wherever we can, we opt for organic. Here’s why.

We are proud that the majority of our hoodies, sweaters, and track pants are organic. We believe in opting for organic as much as possible, and are constantly working to expand our organic offering to bring you fashion that looks good, feels good, and is good. To help you shop organic with us more easily, we’ve curated all our organic products across the store into a brand new edit [shop here]. Below, we list why purchasing organic clothing is one of the most important ways to shop sustainably and ethically.

Organic is better for the planet.

Opting for organic ensures that, throughout the farming process, no nasty chemicals have polluted the soil, or the fibres grown from them. Chemicals such as pesticides damage the nutrients in our top soils, limiting the natural elements and nutrients in whatever is grown there. Organic certified products are made under the highest standards of animal and environmental welfare, supporting biodiversity and wildlife, and helps to combat climate change.

Organic nurtures health and wellbeing.

Choosing organic clothing that’s non-toxic promotes health and wellbeing by protecting our skin from chemicals and knowing that we’ve bought a quality product that’s been produced and made with the utmost care.

We care about style and substance.

We want our clothes to look and feel good, and for you to know that by purchasing them you’re progressing our industry to be more sustainable and kinder to the planet.

It’s the right thing to do.

Buying organic where you can is the right thing to do. As a purchaser, you have the power to choose what you invest in. As makers of clothes, we’re constantly working towards a point where all of our items are organic – having conversations with our supplies and value chain to understand where we, and they, can be better.

Les Girls Les Boys

Les Girls Les Boys

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