why we created fash-leisure

Fashionable athleisure is at the center of our bed to street ethos. And it’s never been more relevant than now.

les girls les boys celebrates the fluidity of love and friendship, inspired by the way we live our lives now. The rise of athleisure style reflects how much our modern lifestyles have transformed the way we function. We tuned into how good the fabrics felt working with our body, instead of against it, and we revelled in the layers and interchangeability of the looks we could dream up. But, athleisure didn’t look as good as we knew it could. The pieces didn’t have the right attention to detail, the colours weren’t right, and more interesting cuts, shapes, at high quality, were hard to find. So, we created ‘fash-leisure’ – our take on fashionable athleisure, working with the functionality of sportier garments to give them a cooler and more aesthetically pleasing edge. What we love most about the athleisure look is the ability to mix ‘n’ match. We use colour and cut to create unique elements for you to choose from and play with. We’ve done this by elevating humble T-shirts, vests, sweats, and bodysuits with next-level quality, shape, and fit. We believe in making these go-to pieces with an attention to detail that’s never been extended to them before, so that they can make you feel and look good, whatever you choose to pair them with. What really lifts an outfit is layering, the tucking in, exposing of different elements, and the balance of prints and plains. As creators of garments, layering excites us. The possibilities are endless. T-shirts under bodysuits or swimsuits for an ‘inside out’ look. Boxer shorts or high waist briefs under jogger bottoms, exposing the waistband. And pairing vests with bodysuits for playful colour and texture combinations that match your mood. This way of making and dressing is at the centre of our bed to street ethos. It’s all about layers, versatility, quality, and rethinking where and how we wear garments. We celebrate the versatility that athleisure offers, but make it culturally relevant in our approach as designers. We encourage the combining of pieces from different categories, and across gender, in interesting, unconventional, and experimental ways. We’re inspired by the possibility this holds for the individual, and as a medium to challenge outdated norms. Find out more about our bed to street ethos here.

Les Girls Les Boys

Les Girls Les Boys

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