wild swimming in cape town

Bee Beardsworth (@beebeardsworth), editor-in-chief of Mission Statement magazine, takes us wild swimming in Cape Town…

What’s your favourite spot to wild swim?

There’s a beach in Cape Town that I’ve been coming to since I was four. It’s one of my favourite places in the whole world.

How do you feel when you’re wild swimming?

Exhilarated and grounded. Nothing makes me feel so calm and strong and centred. And usually f**king freezing, too.

What three les girls les boys items would you take wild swimming with you, and why?

I love the rib underwired black swimsuit. I swim in it every day. And then the oversized hoodie and loose fitting track pants, to snuggle up post-swim.

What advice would you give to anyone wild swimming for the first time?

Find a friend to go with so you don’t chicken out! And take deep breaths to calm your body. Some people use the Wim Hoff app.

Finish these sentences:

People who wild swim are… Probably insane. But the endorphins become addictive.

Wild swimming makes me feel… like I’ve achieved a small victory.

Summer 21 will be… filled with gratitude.

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