be yourself: laura chova

Laura Chova from our SS21 campaign talks to us about identity, confidence, and being yourself.

Age: 25

IG: @laurachova

Where are you from? London.

Tell us about you. I’m a model, I work in the fashion industry across journalism (fashion and music) and creative direction. I have all these ideas and I’m just not great at photography or anything, so I finally realised creative direction is a way I can create and express myself. In lockdown I started writing really short poetry pieces, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to show people…

Being an individual means a lot to me because… It’s boring when everyone’s the same.

Favourite word? Cute.

Identity to me means… The way you think about yourself and your place in the world. It also plays into how people see you, but I think it’s more important to know your own self before caring about what other people think.

My identity is important to me because… I’ve never met anyone with the same story as me.

People sometimes say I am… Shy.

But they don’t know I am actually… Really loud when I’m comfortable.

My best personality trait is… Making sure no one is left behind.

I express my identity through… In the way I dress, the way I cut my hair, the way I act with other people and the music I listen to. I express it subtly in so many ways.

Being conscious of your identity means… Thinking less and doing more. Everything I do to nurture myself comes from things that I enjoy or lessons I have learned.

I feel most confident when… I look good.

My confidence comes from… Years of practice.

The best piece of advice about body confidence I’ve had is… Hold your head high, you’ll always look confident. And, stretch marks are hot!

A moment when I felt most confident… Shooting nude for Vogue.

Things I do to make myself feel confident… Hype myself up.

I consciously nurture my identity by… Actively learning more about things that interest me, experimenting with things out of my comfort zone, and most importantly making time for things that I love doing.

I overcome challenges to my identity through… Honesty, time and age have been the biggest help. I’ve always been shy by nature. It used to get in the way of me experimenting and doing new things because I was worried about what people would think.

To help people be who they are, we need to… Learn to be less judgemental. To listen. To encourage people to talk to each other, use their voice, experiment, and do things that make them happy.

If I could tell my younger self one thing it would be… Be you and do what you want. Don’t care about what anyone thinks.

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