SS21: be yourself

no labels. no explanations. no expectations.

Our new collection for ss21 is a celebration of unapologetic modernity, an uplifting mood booster popping with colourful delights that offer boundless, fresh energies. Featuring les girls les boys first ever dedicated sports range, new colourway sweats and pac-a-macs, bamboo intimates, and a trippy static mesh print inspired by static TV screens and the beauty found in the space between images.

“At les girls les boys we believe in making your own rules, in life and style, and having fun with them. Modern notions of identity and gender are fluid and we continue to explore this through unapologetic modernity, self expression and an unfiltered view of fashion and beauty.” ~ Serena Rees MBE, founder and creative director.

To celebrate we’re publishing a series of interviews with the people featured in our campaign. They talk to us about their lives, and what identity and confidence means to them. In doing so we nudge our community to have the same discussions with each other, creating safe spaces in which to explore and celebrate individual identity, equality and the beauty of confidence and body positivity.

Les Girls Les Boys

Les Girls Les Boys

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