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Hi, Mélanie! Please tell us a little bit about you…

Hi!! I’m @melony.lemon, 26 and I’m Thai German. I grew up in Thailand and moved to London around 5 years ago and now I’m a full time creative. My style is colourful and fun with a hint of nostalgia.

Why did you choose the les girls les boys garments you did for the shoot?

I always go for the comfiest stuff first. When I saw the pj’s I was so excited!! I’ve never shown my body in lingerie before, so I took on the challenge for this.

How did the clothes make you feel, and why?

I feel like a new woman honestly. I’ve never had anything this great of a quality before.

What called you to a life of creativity?

When I was 13 my mum put me into dance classes and that escalated into a professional career by the time I was 15. Being in the performance art world felt like I was living the dream. I knew I wanted to do something creative, but wanted to branch out of performing so I did A level art for a week and was told by my tutor to drop it because I wasn’t good enough. I took it as a challenge.

What do you love the most about being a creative individual?

The orgasmic feel you get when you create something that you have envisioned.

What is ‘creative license’ to you?

The license to borrow. My work borrows a lot from pop culture.

Tell us about the inspiration and thought process behind the images you’ve shot for us…

I wanted to channel a spring into summer vibe. Truly English, where some shots are darker, some are brighter. Like the weather. I have always been drawn to fake grass. Not everyone has a garden or an outdoor space. I certainly don’t. So why not create my own, especially in lockdown.

Have you had a role model or public figure you look up to that’s helped you carve out your identity and creative spirit?

It can be anyone, from Sailor Moon to AOC. Definitely Lady Gaga, I conned my dad into buying me a flight from Thailand to Austria to see her concert. Right now it’s Bimini and Gottmik though.

How does it feel to be photographed, rather than photograph others?

I used to model until I was told to lose weight. I like being behind the camera more, it gives me a sense of control.

How will you be transitioning your post-lockdown looks?

Summer is when I truly shine. I’ll be rocking miniskirts and dresses for sure.

How do you stay inspired and creative while staying at home?

I take it REAAAALLLLLYYYYY easy. No pressure, just fun.

Tell us something to be hopeful about.

I don’t know… Beyonce outdoing everyone else with the most Grammys? That definitely gives me hope.

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