diaries: with belle smith

“Wellness to me means practicing habits that help me stay physically and mentally clear, positive, inspired, active and nourished.”

the second in our experiential series

Introduce yourself…

My name is Belle Smith and I’m an artist and fashion film director.

Wellness means many things to many people. What does it mean to you?

Wellness to me means practicing routines and habits that help me stay physically and mentally clear, positive, inspired, active and nourished. Right now I try to dance whenever I can, read everyday and meditate whenever I need a pause.

How has it been moving to LA?

Moving from New York to LA was such a spur of the moment decision and I have truly enjoyed every minute of it. It’s a completely different experience with the weather and culture. It’s super interesting being able to experience how the holiday season feels in different parts of the world.

What’s your favourite type of exercise?

I love swimming and dancing. I feel completely at peace when I’m in the water. I can also just turn on music, dance for hours, and it feels like art rather than exercise. When I dance I get to be different people, pretend I’m somewhere else, address emotions and boost my confidence.

And your least favourite?

I hate cycling in classes for some reason… I like to bike ride but I’m not sure what it is about the cycling class – it kills me.

What essentials do you keep in your day bag for getting out and moving?

Living in LA, I’ve had sunscreen always on hand, a hat and sometimes an extra tank top or bathing suit for wherever the day takes me.

What’s it like to wear and move in les girls les boys?

It makes me feel confident and comfortable. Everything is so well made that the fabric never lets up, no matter how much I’m moving or wearing it.

What makes you feel good?

When I’m making art and expressing myself physically through dance, acting or even being on set filmmaking.

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