trans pride 2021: josephine jones & lyall hakaraia

For this Pride season, we’ve chosen to open up our platform wholeheartedly to Trans Pride with two of our favourite people from London’s inimitable counter-culture scene.

Josephine Jones (@josephinejonessdiary), who forever goes down in history as the first transgender designer to show work at London Fashion Week with an all transgender cast.

And Lyall Hakaraia (@lyallhakaraia), fashion designer, stylist, icon, and friend and mentor to Josephine – plus many, many more. Lyall takes the title of being the only QTIPOC (Queer Trans Indigenous Person Of Colour) to own and run a queer venue in London (a fact “I always find staggering,” Lyall tells us) – Dalston’s infamous VFDalston, a nightclub, arts and exhibition space. Lyall is also a founding member of the Inter Island Collective and Moku, the Paficic Arts HQ in London, the QTIPOC lead Hackney carnival bloc party Faggamuffin, and works with Neneh Cherry supporting artists lead arts initiatives with Black Trans Project.

Josephine and Lyall discuss the power of the transgender community, chosen families, the importance of true self expression and acceptance, honouring transcesters, and showing up for Pride.

We’ve noticed that Trans Pride can fall off the rainbow radar year on year when the issues it fights for couldn’t be more pressing. We support Pride all year round, in all its forms. We are constantly working to support our community to be their true selves, whoever that may be. Because we believe that love, gender, and life are fluid, and that true freedom has no boundaries. Choosing your own identity is a human right, and we will never stop championing, encouraging, and representing those who don’t fit into outdated concepts and ‘norms’.

Our voice is one of so many in this conversation. And it’s not our voice that matters, it’s yours. You can find more resources at London Trans Pride and selected by Josephine Jones, here.

Love & solidarity, always.

les girls les boys x

This year Trans Pride London (@londontranspride) is taking place on the 26th June, with a gathering in London due to take place at Wellington Arch at 2pm in Hyde Park followed by a march. It’s taking place to demand equal rights, access to healthcare, and legal recognition of non-binary people and other oppressed groups. Find out more, including how to march safely, here.

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