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Our download of the les girls les boys comfort bras you need to own, and some pointers from our design team on how to shop for them

Stay-at-home style has been a game-changer for bras. You may be shunning every underwired bra you own for something softer and lounge-worthy. Or you need a comfort bra as hardworking as you are.

There’s a special kind of beauty in finding the right comfort bra. At les girls les boys, we celebrate the luxury of putting something on everyday that makes you feel supported, comfortable and strong. One product that takes you through limitless activities… This is the beauty of the right bra.

We need comfort zones as we adapt through change, just as we all are right now. Bras should be our best-friends, our very own comfort zones, and hold a sweet innocence that carries us through each day.

“A comfort bra isn’t for anybody else, it’s just for you.”

les girls les boys comfort bras are designed to make your breasts feel as youthful as possible, as naturally as possible. They’re made in the world’s best lingerie factories, prized for their fit, manufacturing and service. Developing lingerie is long and technical, requiring highly skilled experts for the best results. Each size must fit and perform like no other item of clothing.

So, whether you’re new to comfort bras or looking to restock for stay-at-home wear, here’s our download of the les girls les boys comfort bras you need to own, and some pointers from our design team on how to shop for them. #

To sleep in


Seamfree soft bra, in Peachy Keen (£28): Super soft barely-there bra that gives you invisible comfort thanks to zero labels, clasps, and hooks. It’s extra thin straps are stretchy but strong, and its ribbed elasticated chest band gently holds, offering lightweight support.

Fuller breasts


Love note mesh underwired bra in Black (£50): Underwired bra designed to support fuller busts, featuring side boning for assured hold and thicker straps to be extra kind on shoulders. Featuring our bespoke ‘les girls les boys forever’ Love Note print.

Pick me up


Love note mesh soft bra in Lipstick (£40). Our no-wire, soft version of the Love Note signature print, a perfect pick me up whatever the time of day, and whenever you need a reminder to love yourself.

To lounge in


Ladder detail soft bra, in White (£40): One of our best-sellers, this vintage-inspired soft triangle-cup bra is lined with soft cotton jersey. It has a deep elasticated band and light boning to hold you right where you need it without compromising on comfort.

Versatile layering – bed to street


Semi sheer seamfree crop top in Opaline Green (£25): Inspired by off-duty dance styles, this bra-come-crop top is a bed to street style staple. It’s lightweight, breathable, flexible, and subtly shapes. The seamfree finish offers a second-skin wear that works with your body, not against it.

Low-medium impact exercise


Rib seamfree bra top in Ivory (£40): Sports-style non-padded bra top with a ribbed elasticated waistband that holds all bust sizes. It’s a garment in its own right, with just as much fabric at the back to hold you throughout yoga, meditation, and light-cardio. The zip feature at the front adds a little extra versatility with style and function.

Maternity and self care


Seamfree soft bra in Forest Green (£28): Not only is this the ideal bra to sleep in, it’s also perfect for maternity wear. The scoop neck and super-soft seamfree makes it breastfeeding friendly, kind on sore nipples, and it will never dig into you or baby. The bra gives you room to expand and minimise, moving in sync with your changing body.

To feel ‘held’


Rib seamfree bodysuit in Dark Shadow (£60): Support doesn’t end with bras. We love using bodysuits and swimsuits as substitutes for bras for days when we need all over support. This rib seamfree bodysuit will hold you with its smart design, balancing the proportions for your torso, naturally holding your shape and curves. It’s also great for layering.

Our design team’s pointers on how to shop the perfect comfort bra:

cxlolxThe most important thing about a soft bra is durability, because you want and need it to perform throughout the day. When you wear a bra for a certain amount of time, even for an hour or so, your body temperature alters the structure of the fabrication. Our base fabrics need to have enough recoverability so they don’t stretch out and not do their job. You can have added elasticity that doesn’t stretch beyond control.

Comfort is all about the bra moving with you. It should have a second-skin nature to it. A lot of the work of an unwired bra comes from the underband, so you need to make sure your comfort bra is wide and stable enough to be able to carry your breasts with its straps and underband alone. They work together to offer you the support. When designing we also look at stitching. We don’t want to put a rigid stitch through a stretchy fabric. When we’re constructing the cup, we make sure the style of stitching is flat, and smooth, and has a level of stretchability to it for added comfort and performance.

Don’t limit yourself simply to bras. How about the pieces you’re not using right now, like swimsuits and bikinis? They have the added bonus of doubling-up as garments in their own right for fresh layering looks. They hold you, they’re durable, and versatile.

We’ve been championing bed to street since founding in 2017, a revolving layers of clothes that change with us throughout the day. Our garments are designed for durability, comfort, and sharing. Find out more here.

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