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From GOTS certified organic cotton to FSC sustainable bamboo—we choose our fabrics for a reason.

Choosing the right fabric to work with is important for the quality of clothes we make, the wearability and longevity of the clothing, as well as our environmental impact. The design of a garment takes 10% of our efforts, the rest of our energy is channeled into development and fit for every single piece we create.

80% of our fabrics are bespoke, and chosen based on the end-use for each item. They don’t exist anywhere, so we imagine them, then make them. We do this to make the best possible version we can, that lasts for as long as it possibly can.

If the jersey we source is scratchy, we make a bespoke blend based on what we need—to get that soft comfort feel—by adding different fibres and stonewashing. We’ve made satin stretch, and added megawatt comfort paired with a high-shine, luxe finish. All with the richness of colour, and the durability of being able to wash at 40 degrees.

Where possible, we only work with Oeki-Tex Class 2 certified makers, and natural GOTS certified organic fibres, to ensure no harmful substances are present in our textiles. We do this because producing synthetic fibres such as polyester releases two to three times more carbon emissions than cotton. It also doesn’t break down in the ocean, which is where 35% of these fibres end up due to laundry washing.

Other eco-friendly and sustainable choices include wonder fabrics bamboo and MicroModal.

The simple functionality of a micro-fibre bonded bra clasp, the super-soft, lightweight t-shirt versus its 200 gram heavyweight counterpart. Artful embroidery, tactile textures, cocooned zips, and the breathable and natural antimicrobial bamboo fibres of our underwear. They are all the joys of les girls les boys.

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