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Being and staying radically transparent about the packaging we use, and how we’re constantly working to be better.

From the very start, we knew we had to be smart about the way we make and use packaging. For a small independent brand, the process of seeking out innovations in this area is no mean feat. Yet we continue to do so, constantly working to tread more lightly.

Within the industry’s rules and our own limitations, we’re learning how to be as smart, sustainable and as environmentally friendly as we can be. We don’t take our responsibilities on this lightly. As we work to grow our business we improve our capabilities of ensuring less waste and a healthier Earth.

We class our packaging as progressively sustainable All of our packaging is classed as non-toxic, the majority of it being non-plastic and recyclable.

It has been a journey of learning, innovating, feedback, and staying true to our commitment to create as little waste as possible, minimise our use of plastic, our use of packaging in general, and focus on reusable and recyclable packaging. All the while ensuring that les girls les boys garments are always kept clean and protected while in transit.

And we’re constantly working to be better.

We embrace new technologies as they emerge, develop different parts of our operations as we can, and figure out how to do things more sustainably and with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Most recently, we’ve dramatically reduced our carbon footprint by working hard to source our biodegradable bags in Portugal where our garments are made, rather than where we had previously sourced them in China.

The global pandemic has made our society’s relationship with packaging even more problematic, at a time when we are all aware of how crucial protective packaging is to keep us safe. The answers aren’t easy and there is no quick fix, which is why we promise to stay radically transparent about our progress. Getting to where we need to be is a marathon, not a sprint. But we’re committed for the long haul.

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