our responsibility

reducing our carbon footprint

Our sustainability journey is ongoing. We’re constantly learning, finding new ways to do better, and making small but important changes to our practices that make real impact.

Our current carbon reduction and environmentally friendly practises include:

Source with our carbon-footprint in mind, opting for lower impact manufacturing, processes and fabrics where possible. See our seamfree zero-waste collection.

Print directly onto clothing instead of using labels, where we can.

Ship by sea and road, rather than air.

Using biodegradable and recyclable packaging that can be reused. Find out more about our packaging.

Creating quality clothes that stand the test of time, ignoring here-today-gone-tomorrow fashion trends.

Communicating with you about the best way to care for your clothes with limited impact on the environment. Find out more in our garment care 101.

Championing the classics and wardrobe staples that never go out of fashion.

Work with certified makers to ensure no harmful chemicals are present in our textiles. Read about our factories.

Encouraging you to share your garment before, and after, you’re finished with it. An estimated $500 billion of value globally is lost a year due to underwearing and a failure to recycle clothes. Check out our garment journeys breakdown.

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